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Clearing clutter can be an exciting journey as well as challenging. However, working step by step, with the space & what you want to create, allows for an opening to new possibilities, a new sense of order and a new YOU!

Join me for this 7 week class to discover the MORE of You…and how that you can shift the way you think, live and create your environments!

DATES: MARCH 28th – MAY 9TH (7 weeks)

TIME: 11 AM Pacific Time – 12:30 PM


FEE: $147 (Sliding Scale is Available)

Sharon Ann Wikoff is the facilitator. Sharon has loved the Art of Organization since childhood. It is something that has been a hobby. She loves home and beauty. She’s lived in small spaces of only 300 square feet as well as huge homes…one with 17 different spaces. Sharon has had the JOY of decorating her spaces…sometimes on a shoe-string budget and other times with 1000’s of dollars to put into just one room. She finds working at both ends of the financial spectrum in organizing and decorating has given her a sense of possibility, knowing that she can create a “home” small or large, that she loves and cherishes! Sharon has worked with individuals and organizations to create spaces of beauty, functionality and joy. With this class she will also offer each participant a one on one session to focus on their unique space and if desired, apply the art of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to their individual situation.

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