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BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF is the right of every human being.  You were created as a unique human being.  You have within yourself, all that you need to know to live a happy, healthy and successful life.  However, this requires that you turn away from the distractions in life and take time to LISTEN to yourself.  Going into nature is an excellent way to listen in a deeper way.  Creating a practice of listening to yourself, allows you to really learn about who you are. 


If you want to dive deep into knowing yourself, from the inside out, I offer mentoring.  This "BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF" Mentoring Course is a 4-month program.  Below are the themes for each of the four months.  This course can be repeated as needed.  Each time you take it you will deepen into the truth of YOU!   

                                           "BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF"




During this month, you have an opportunity to listen to your inner voice and see what it is 

telling you?  You learn to ask a question and then in the silence, LISTEN!  



During the second month, you focus on deeply and truly loving yourself, just as you are in this moment.  You do not have to learn more, do more or work harder to be loved.  You are loveable NOW!   You will learn self-acceptance. You will learn to honor the "Blue Print" of your life and be true to it.


During the third month, you focus on deepening into the character of your being.  What character traits do you want to strengthen?  What habits do you want to release? YOU get to decide what is important to YOU and the type of person you want to be.  


During the fourth month, you will decide on how you want to express yourself in the outside world. Do you want to be a swimmer, an artist, a writer, go to college, learn a trade, etc.  Do you want a change in your career?  Do you want to explore new horizons?  In addition, you are encouraged to find a way of being of "service" in your community.  There are many needs in every community.  Finding a way to help others, shows how important one's "action" is in life.


When I was about 14 years of age, I started taking classes in High School in preparation of

being a secretary.  (It was a very popular career for a girl in the 1950's.)  So, I asked my Dad if I could do not "books" for his construction business.  He said sure.  I thought I would love this work.  Well, I didn't. For me it was boring.

This was a wake-up call for me! What should I do with my life?  So, I reflected on what I enjoyed. I realized CHILDREN was what brought me JOY.  I had already had a few regular baby-sitting jobs with families in the neighbor.  I thought about this for about an entire year.  Finally, I decided I wanted to be a teacher.  It was a decision I felt SO good about.  However, telling my father this was very scary.  I finally got up the courage to tell him.  He made is sound like it was a terrible job. However, for me I knew it was perfect.  I became an elementary teacher, pre-school teacher, a facilitator or 'Mommy and Me" classes and an author of 3 books on the art of listening to children. I'm So glad I trusted myself. 

If this sounds like a program you or your child/ teen is interested in, please

contact me for an application.

This program begins in September of 2024.

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