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The Art of Parenting    

The Art of Parenting


Parenting has been one of the biggest JOYS of my life. I have three children and each of one of them is such a unique and wonderful human spirit.  Through the years I've written on the subject, held parenting classes and have hosted many radio shows on the subject. 


Parenting is a full time endeavor!  One needs to be "ON" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   As I watch my daughter parent her child, I'm in awe of the patience it requires.... all the time! 

So, if you are in the parenting stage of life, remember to be kind to yourself, and realize the beautiful service you are involved in.  


Listening to a child is one of the most important things

you can do as a parent.  

LISTENING, truly listening to your child, sends them a very important

message.  That message is that ...







Two of my Ebooks on Parenting are in the process of being revised and will be out very soon.   They are: 

"The Art of Listening to Infants & Young Children" and

"The 10 Minute Miracle:  The Art of Parenting the Older Child/Teen"

  Please contact me through this website if you'd like to be placed on my Parenting workshop/ book list.  And I'll let you know when the books / workshops / classes will be available.   In addition, I often do programs on Parenting on my radio show.  

This information too will be sent to you when you sign up. 


SHARON ANN WIKOFFis the mother of three grown children and continues to love be called "Mother"!  She's found the life of "Mother"

to be joyous and deeply enriching, challenging and rewarding!    

In the 1980's Sharon created the program, The Art of Mothering. Later she held book studies and various other parenting classes.  

In addition, she brought all that she learned about listening to children, into her work as an elementary teacher.  

She is author of three ebooks: The 10 Minute Miracle, 

The Art of Listening to Infants and Young Children and

Daddy: "Why are we Different".  



Sharon Wikoff

is a beautiful kind soul and an effective, nurturing, creatively aware teacher for my daughter Angelina!! I highly recommend her piano teaching and art classes because my daughter has been growing and expanding in her heart, mind and skills from both.

Sharon is patient, kind, loving and creates a very nurturing environment that is palpable whether in person or during online lessons. My daughter looks forward to all her moments with Sharon.

Sharon is a stellar human being and we are happy she's a part of our lives!

Danielle White.

Sharon was one of our very finest teachers. She made a genuine difference at our school with her unselfishness and caring ways as well as her exceptional teaching ability.

Sheri White

Pinecrest School Thousand Oaks,


Sharon is a sincerely honest and open person

 in her relationships, with a special gift for handling and leading children. As Director of the Junior Church she brought creative ideas and enlightening activities to all her students.

Rev. Betty S. Strohm

Parenting Class:

Sharon has a wonderful way of mixing her presentation to include discussion, sharing, individual exercises and lecture which keeps the class upbeat, personal, educational and interesting.

As a parent with experience as a parent educator it has been valuable to re-visit known concepts, to learn new perspectives, and to take the time to re-focus on my own parenting.

Sharon's gentle voice and accepting manner keep all the members of the class comfortable sharing personal issues and eager to ask questions.

Janine Burnham

Neurodevelopmental Therapist

The Davis Center for Learning

Development and Wellness

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