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Right Relationships    

A "Right" Relationship with Life

by Sharon Ann Wikoff

When we have a "Right" Relationships with LIFE...

We have embodied the JOY of living...

We have learned to LOVE our self and all creatures...

We have a deep RESPCT for Mother Earth...

And we have come to KNOW that life is a privilege...

and we have a PURPOSE for living...

and it is from living in these "Fields" that we keep on keeping on and thus...

we have the COURAGE to meet all that arises...

we have the STRENGTH to endure the challenges...

we have the COMPASSION to understand another's pain...

we have and

we have the FAITH and TRUST to keep on keeping on!

Sharon Ann Wikoff




So, I ask myself, what does this mean?  What does it mean to be in a right relationship with our Mother Earth?  

I'm love to hear your response. 

For me, it means that we honor, respect and nurture our Mother Earth. 

So, I'll put it in the form of some questions that I will ask myself and I invite you to ask yourself about your connection to the planet.  

Do I live in harmony with nature? 

Do I harm the planet in any way? 

Do I care for the land? 

Do I help clear the land of past traumas?

Do I protect it's soil? 

Do I do anything to harm it's waters? 

Do I protect it's wife life? 

Do I do care for it's natural resources? 

What is just one action that you could take to create a "right" relationship with some aspect of our Mother Earth?


Sharon is offering 4 Classes during March on CREATING "RIGHT" RELATIONSHIPS. 

For Details: 

Click Here! 

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