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The Art of Living Life     

The Art of Living Life 


Just like this little girl's hands, sometimes, LIFE IS MESSY! 

Have you noticed this?  Especially in the last few years? 

When I first heard this idea from Rhoda Brittan, many years ago, I internally protested, thinking NO, LIFE doesn't need to be messy!

However, I've come to accept that Life is Messy at times.  

Each person is  unique and therefore, no two people are going to think exactly the same.  So, if one's "programming" is such that they are "attached" to having everyone see things their way, life can be very messy and challenging.

However, through the years I've discovered that there are some basic principles, if followed, can make life a little easier to handle and actually allows one to become very grounded and centered, so that whatever comes their way can be handled much more easily. 

I've written numerous BLOGS about 

The Art of Living Life 

and how one can become more centered and stable. 

In addition, I have many programs on such subjects at

Beginning July 9, 2023, I will continue sharing more insights here on this site, on my blog, as well as at:

Join Me!

Life is Messy!  However, as we develop tools and learn practices to keep us centered and stable, we develop and strengthen our  capacity to handle  all  that arises. 

In Joy, 



Sharon Wikoff

is a beautiful kind soul and an effective, nurturing, creatively aware teacher for my daughter Angelina!! I highly recommend her piano teaching and art classes because my daughter has been growing and expanding in her heart, mind and skills from both.

Sharon is patient, kind, loving and creates a very nurturing environment that is palpable whether in person or during online lessons. My daughter looks forward to all her moments with Sharon.

Sharon is a stellar human being and we are happy she's a part of our lives!

Danielle White.

Sharon was one of our very finest teachers. She made a genuine difference at our school with her unselfishness and caring ways as well as her exceptional teaching ability.

Sheri White

Pinecrest School Thousand Oaks,


Sharon is a sincerely honest and open person

 in her relationships, with a special gift for handling and leading children. As Director of the Junior Church she brought creative ideas and enlightening activities to all her students.

Rev. Betty S. Strohm

Parenting Class:

Sharon has a wonderful way of mixing her presentation to include discussion, sharing, individual exercises and lecture which keeps the class upbeat, personal, educational and interesting.

As a parent with experience as a parent educator it has been valuable to re-visit known concepts, to learn new perspectives, and to take the time to re-focus on my own parenting.

Sharon's gentle voice and accepting manner keep all the members of the class comfortable sharing personal issues and eager to ask questions.

Janine Burnham

Neurodevelopmental Therapist

The Davis Center for Learning

Development and Wellness

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