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Are you finding time for YOU?

In our world today, life moves fast. Actually, too fast for many to keep up. With all the chatter, noise, news flashes, local and global challenges, many find it hard to find time to reflect and make a conscious decision as to what they want to do next.

Does this sound familiar? Following are some ways you can take time for yourself and actually have time to reflect, to make a conscious step as to your next step.

  1. Walk in nature!

  2. Awaken 15 minutes earlier & sit in silence!

  3. Create an affirmation or mantra and chant it throughout your day.

  4. Decide on YOUR word for the week! Post it. Let it be a reminder to come back to your center.

  5. Consciously BREATHE! Focus on your breath! Focus ONLY on your breath!

  6. Surround yourself with serene photographs of nature. Look at one & feel into being there!

  7. Ask yourself, "What is the BEST way for me to relax right now?' Listen & follow

KNOW that YOU make a difference!

YOU make a difference in your home, on your street, in your city!

Trust this is true!

Here is an image to this moment!

Take a moment to look at it and BREATHE!

In Joy,


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