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Life Today on Planet Earth!

Updated: Mar 28

As I work to create my first blog on my website, since the company changed over to a new system, it feels to me, very much like LIFE FEELS IN GENERAL TODAY.... where everything needs to be re-viewed, re-configured and re-newed!

Do you feel like everything is different in our world TODAY?

Here on the website, the tools are different! The pages are different! Everything needs to be done in a totally new way.

In life, I feel like I need to align with the new energies coming in, which are on a very high level of vibration. I'm feeling very much like the lotus flower might feel which needs to grow out from muddy soil which no doubt feels heavy and hard to move through. I know of the new blooms I want to grow...and yet so much is different. How do I get there?

When in a new situation, I like to base my movement on principles of truth. So, can I base my life right now on some principles for living? Let's see what this moment is calling forth from me?

  1. I have choice!

  2. Life will mirror back to me that which I feel and think.

  3. Thus, I must think and feel into what it is that I want to create.

  4. (Realizing there is not much space in this new reality for self-doubt, a lack of confidence or any thoughts of hesitation.)

  5. Boldness, Clairty, Focus, Sincerity, Humility, Courage, Love, Faith and Trust seem to be a few words that will show the way forward. How are YOU doing in this moment? What is your truth at this time? Please share what you'd like to say here and now. I'm thinking with this new format you'll be able to post a comment!! Please do!

In Joy.... for this opportunity for living in this moment and for life!


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